Chocolate Cake with Pudding

DSC00797cutSo last night was green chili casserole  night at a friend’s house.  Since I usually like to bring something when I’m invited for dinner, I decided a quick dessert would be nice.  It was also another great opportunity for me to clear some more things out of the kitchen before the move.  Also, I got to use a baking pan I didn’t think I’d ever use again.

I had half a box of instant cake mix leftover from a special birthday cake I made for another friend and some vanilla instant pudding mix.  Since I didn’t have the box that the cake mix came in (I had stored it in a tin in the fridge instead), I had to guess the ratio of egg, oil, and water to dry ingredients.  Luckily, my guess came out pretty accurate.  And I had purchased some mini cake pans from AC Moore that bakes little cakes with divots in the top for fruit or some other sort of filling. I really wanted to  use chocolate pudding, but didn’t have the time to run out and get any.  As a result, I ended up adding Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix to the pudding mix and fashioning my own chocolate pudding from the combination.

Well now it needed some embellishment.  I mean, chocolate cake and chocolate pudding are good on their own, but this creation was asking for a different flavor to be introducted.  I had no other choice but to stop at the supermarket on my way to my friend’s house.  I had the perfect idea in mind… raspberries!  Unfortunately, all the raspberries in the store were either smooshed or were growing ‘beards’ (i.e. mold)… eww!  So, my alternate had to be blackberries (strawberries felt too cliche and too out of season for this dessert).

So upon my arrival at my friend’s house, I constructed the little cakes with their pools of pudding and blackberry toppers.  As providence would have it, she had both powdered sugar and Reddi Whip in her kitchen!  Brilliant!  I now had the few little extras I needed to construct an attractive dessert!


They came out delicious and were perfect with a little after-dinner coffee!  Despite my raspberry setback, the blackberries were actually a perfect fruity addition to my double chocolate delight.  And, best of all, I got one more thing out of my kitchen!  A double success!!!

Here are your DIY instructions:

  • 1 box of your favorite instant chocolate cake mix
  • 1 box of instant chocolate pudding mix (Jello brand or otherwise)
  • 1 small carton of blackberries or raspberries
  • confectioner’s sugar
  • Whipped Cream (either homemade and piped or a can of Reddi Whip will do)

Prepare the cake mix and the pudding mix as directed on their boxes.  Place the pudding to chill in the refrigerator.  Pour the cake mix into the individual indented cake molds (it’s called a “Brownie Cup Pan” seen here), if you have one of these pans of course.  If you do not have the particular mold/pan, you can pour them into cupcake pans or mini cake pans and use a butter knife and spoon to cut and scoop out an indentation after baking.  Only fill the molds about halfway or else when they rise in the oven and you turn them out of the pan, you’ll have cakes with weeble-wobble bottoms (remember those?).  Bake the cake mix as directed on the box (there should be a separate baking time for cupcake type pans; if not subtract about 5 mins from the regular pan time).  Once the cakes have baked and cooled, remove them from the pan and let them cool to room temperature (or you can refrigerate them to use them later or speed up the cooling process).

Spoon the chocolate pudding into the indentation on the little cakes.  Don’t put too much or your cups will runneth over.  Leave a little room for the berries to sit.  Place the berries on top of the pudding (about 4.5 blackberries and probably around 6 raspberries).  Sift a little confectioners sugar on each prepared cake (enough for a light dusting).  Pipe or squirt (or however the Reddi Whip can works) dollops of whipped cream around the base of each cake just prior to serving.  Enjoy!

See you next dish!

The Head Spoon


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