Awesome (and not soggy) Sammiches Pt. 1

nutellaThis one is a bit off the beaten path as far as sandwiches go, but I was in the mood for an adventurous and unique sandwich during my lunch break at work.  I also didn’t have any lunch meats with which to construct a traditional sandwich… so maybe that was my real motivation?

Anyhow, I had some strawberries left by a friend who visited over the weekend and wondered how I could work that strawberry into a sandwich somehow.  Well what goes great with strawberries (besides champagne)?  Chocolate of course!  But… chocolate?  In a sandwich?


Nutella, that creamy and buttery smooth spread that tastes like the luscious center of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate (um, because it is)!  Now I know you’re still balking at the idea of chocolate in a sandwich but, hey, if the French can put it in a croissant, I can sure as heck put it in between two slices of whole grain bread.

The biggest obstacle in making a sandwich like this to carry for one’s lunch is that moist fruit, and vegetable, fillings have a tendency to degrade the bread over time.  By the time you take your lunch break, you have a soggy sandwich with disintegrating bread.  Yuck!  Nothing you can do about that, you say?  I disagree!

Behold my solution:


One chinese takeout container is all you need!  It’s almost like making your very own Lunchables!  All I did was spread the Nutella between the slices of bread and place the slices together in the container and put the washed, and thoroughly dried, strawberries in the container next to the bread.  Luckily, we have plastic forks, knives, and spoons at work for me to use on the strawberries.  Most plastic knives, except for the REALLY flimsy kind, will work on a firm strawberry well enough to cut decent slices of fruit.  I wish I could have taken a picture of the finished product before I ate it at lunchtime, but I’d probably get some weird stares from my coworkers.  However, here is a picture of the Nutella inside the two slices of bread.  The spread I used is not the actual Nutella brand spread.  It is World Market’s generic hazelnut spread that comes with crunchy little bits of hazelnut mixed in.  Still yummy!


It was a very tasty sandwich and, because I waited until just before eating to cut and insert the strawberry slices, I avoided the whole nasty, soggy sandwich drama.  It is a method I have employed before for sandwiches that I wish to have for lunch but have to prepare ahead of time (i.e. heavenly peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwiches).  This is the first time I had a proper container for carrying everything in!

I made this entry Part 1 since I anticipate at least a few more of these types of sandwiches to be made.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment!

See you next dish!

The Head Spoon


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