Quick Banana Bread

toastmaster1148xI adore a good, moist banana bread (preferably with chopped walnuts) and it has been quite a while since I’ve made some.  I happened to have two bananas in the kitchen from last week that were getting soft and spotty.  However, it was almost 8pm and I had no desire to mash bananas and mix ingredients and all other efforts involved in baking.  Nevertheless, I was not about to let those bananas go bad without doing something with them.

Enter the bread machine (the photo to the left is the actual model I have).  I managed to find my little kitchen helper at a flea market for $10.  It was barely used and I was able to find and download the manual for it online.  I have used it mostly for making pizza dough, dinner roll dough, and the occasional quick bread.  I had yet to use it for making anything cake-like but I knew that it was possible.

My biggest obstacle was finding a recipe to use.  I managed to find a pretty good one on the ever-helpful About.com.  The recipe, posted here, was quite helpful.  I did take the advice of one of the reviewers and added a bit more bread flour (about 1.5 cups) and it made bread a bit denser, but still moist and enjoyable.

The only problem I had with the recipe was that I used the Fast Bake setting on my bread machine when I should have used the Sweet setting (designed for recipes heavy in fat, sugar, and/or eggs).  As a result, once the bread machine had finished, the banana bread was still wet in the middle.  I ultimately took the mixing pan from the bread machine and stuck it in the oven at about 375° for 10 or so minutes to finish baking it all the way through.  So, if any of you have a Toastmaster bread machine, don’t be like me and use the Fast Bake setting!

See you next dish!

The Head Spoon


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