Re-purposing Thanksgiving Leftovers – Bourbon Chicken (or Turkey)

I hope everyone had a wonderful tummy-filling Thanksgiving!  And for those of you who aren’t Stateside… um… Happy December!  It was a relatively small Thanksgiving here at Spoon Headquarters and yours truly only had to cook for four-and-a-half people.  Since I am not a fan of cooking far more food than anyone would want to eat, even for leftovers, I decided to bake a 7lb whole chicken rather than a 12lb (or more) turkey.  Despite downsizing my bird, I still had plenty left over!

As of today, my cooked bird had been in the fridge for a week with plenty left to eat.  I figured that between myself and SpoonFiance, it was not about to be finished anytime soon in its current state.  I had to reinvent it if I wanted to garner any further interest in it.  Thus my quest for re-purposing my leftover chicken.

I  blame this idea entirely on the fact that I had a heavy hankering for some bourbon chicken that I was not prepared to go out and purchase while I still had the guilt of Thanksgiving leftovers hanging over my head; and hanging out in my fridge.

As soon as I got home from work, I got cracking on separating the remaining chicken meat from its bony skeleton.  After about 20 minutes of slicing and trimming, I had a dinner plate full of cooked chicken.  Knowing that those bits I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) salvage between the tiny bones would never be eaten, after spending a week in the fridge, I promptly disposed of the remnants.

I looked online for a bourbon chicken recipe and found this one on RecipeZaar that had a 4.59 rating after 1,995 reviews.  I figured it had to be worth trying.  And boy, was it ever!  Let me apologize for the lack of photo evidence in this post, but we were too hungry to stop and take pictures before eating.  Just trust me on this one… it was delicious!

I did a few tweaks to the recipe, of course.  First, I had to use apple sauce in place of apple juice because I didn’t have any in the fridge.  I just used 2/3 cups of water instead of one half to compensate for less liquid.  The second, and last, tweak I did was to add 1 tbsp of brandy in place of the cider vinegar.  I had apple cider vinegar to use, mind you, but I wanted some actual “bourbon-like” flavor in my bourbon chicken… despite the fact that I had no bourbon.  It was still a good choice, I think.  I regret nothing!

Give this one a try, with or without my adjustments, if you’re a fan of the food court brand of bourbon chicken!

Until the next dish!

The Head Spoon


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