Cookbook of the Month for January 2010

Happy New Year from the Spoon!

Hello everyone!  I bet you were wondering if I had decided to bail on the blog.  Well, fear not for I have returned!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and you are looking forward to a bright new year.

I recently got a library card last month.  My first one in at least 7 years!  I couldn’t believe the amount of cookbooks they have in there!  I guess I never really looked before but boy am I excited!  I’m thinking about checking out a new cookbook each month and trying at least one recipe from each book and posting the results here.

Here is this month’s book:

Cookbook of the Month for January 2010

The Filipino-American Kitchen (by Jennifer M. Aranas)

Having a half-Filipino roommate when I was in college opened me up to a whole new world of delicious foods.  I was missing her scrumptious Chicken Adobo when I decided to go with this choice.  I actually used the Adobo recipe in this book the night I checked it out of the library.  It was fantastic and just as good as I remembered it.  However, I will be trying a completely different recipe and blogging about that instead since Adobo is pretty much the national dish of the Philippines and I’d just be beating a dead horse on that one.

So keep your eye’s peeled for this month’s Cookbook Excursion on The Intrepid Spoon!

Happy New Year!

The Head Spoon


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