Monthy Cookbook Excursion: February’s Book

Hello all!

I finally made my way to the library this past weekend to pick up another cookbook.  I realized after I chose it, that something related to the upcoming Chinese New Year would be a more festive and appropriate choice.  However, this book caught my eye and I was instantly drawn to it from the time I spotted it on the shelf.  Chinese New Year would have to be celebrated in another post. The Intrepid Spoon has a new challenger to face this month and it is:

Street Food – by Tom Kime

I liked the idea of trying my hand at making various street foods from across the world.  Whenever you watch those travel shows, the host almost always eats something from a little roadside stand or a tiny standing-room-only food joint  because, oftentimes, that is the simplest and most delicious food you’ll find.  Not that I don’t appreciate the pretty plated dishes one finds in a fancy restaurant, but street food is so accessible… and cheap!

We shall see how well things go with this book.  Hopefully there is not a repeat of last month’s failure.  I’ll have my fingers crossed.  Wish me luck!

See you next dish!

The Head Spoon


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