crunchy, munchy, and delicious!

Monthly Cookbook Excursion: February 2010

Well, folks, I procrastinated all month on this one.  I realized on the 26th that I had two more days in the month and I had yet to pick a recipe, much less prepare the actual dish.  Since I had a wedding shower to attend that weekend, I figured I could procrastinate just a little more.

On the very last day of the month, I had no choice left.  I had to find a recipe and prepare it. Thankfully, the wedding shower provided me with fun new gadgets and tools to use in the kitchen! One of these nifty items was a panini grill pan.  As serendipity would have it, there was a recipe in the cookbook for paninis! What luck!

Just in case you forgot, here is the cookbook I chose for February’s excursion:

The recipe was for a pancetta wrapped scallion panini made with ciabatta or foccaccia.  It sounded easy enough and it gave me an opportunity to break in my panini pan!

I got a little ahead of myself, as I often tend to do, while preparing the scallions.  According to the recipe, I was to leave the scallions whole after trimming the ends and peeling off the outer layer on the bottom.  Neglecting to read the entire instructions, I chopped the scallions into 1cm long pieces instead.  When it came time to wrap the scallions in pancetta, I ended up having to stuff a spoonful of the chopped scallions into a pancetta slice and roll it up like a little burrito.  I got a loaf of fresh ciabatta from the grocery store and cut approximately 1 inch slices to make the sandwiches.  You can see the results below!

crunchy, munchy, and delicious!

Despite my apparent inability to read and follow instructions correctly, the paninis came out great!  Since we enjoyed the sandwiches, this will be my first Monthly Cookbook Excursion success!  Hooray!

I wanted to try a few more recipes from this book since the paninis came out so good.  The book was to be returned to the library by the end of February, but I renewed my due date so I could keep it for a little bit longer.  If this book is available at your local library, I suggest you check it out!  Maybe you’ll try something you’ve never had before.

See you next dish!

The Head Spoon


2 thoughts on “Monthly Cookbook Excursion: February 2010

  1. Staring at your panini right now and willing it to materialize on a plate I’ve made ready. It’s proving very unsuccessful.

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