Monthly Cookbook Excursion: March 2010

Oh my goodness everyone!  Where did the month of March go???  I had this entry in draft form since March 19th.  I figured I could work on it a little at a time and then post just before my wedding.  Well, the wedding came and went (as did all of our guests) and here it is already April 1st!  My apologies, everyone.  I can’t guarantee that this won’t happen again, but I will try my hardest to ensure that it doesn’t.

As it turns out, Ireland is quite tasty!  I had initially chosen this book because it was filled with pictures to help me get a visual of what the food should look like as I prepared it.  Well, the pictures weren’t the only thing good about this book.

The recipes I chose were easy to prepare and the results… well, I’ll let you have a look for yourself in a bit.

The first recipe I chose was Baked Stuffed Whitefish as the main dish.  It consists of a fillet of your choice of white fish (flounder, cod, tilapia, etc.) wrapped around a seasoned breadcrumb stuffing.  A strip of bacon is then wrapped around the outside of the fillet and secured in place with a toothpick.

The side dish, called ‘Champ’, is really  just a variation on mashed potatoes. Chopped green onions are added to the mash along with salt, pepper, and milk.   The steaming bowl of potatoes is then topped off with a  knob of butter prior to serving.

For a little extra greenery (hey, it was St. Patrick’s Day after all), I sautéed some fresh spinach in olive oil with salt and pepper.

I realize I could have gone the regular route with the corned beef and cabbage, but I had invited a friend to have dinner with us who prefers seafood over any other variety of meat.  This was a welcome challenge since I was not entirely certain that I would be able to find a non-meat or seafood-based main course. We always like to do things a little different here at the Spoon!

Unlike last month, I followed the instructions to the letter and I was able to create a delicious meal in under one hour!  Have a look at how it all turned out!

While I wish I could have tried some of the dishes with more uncommon ingredients, this was a nice quick meal.  It was best when served immediately. The leftovers were not as fantastic to the taste buds as I had hoped; even after a night of commingling flavors.  Still, I really enjoyed these recipes and it was a worthwhile (and yummy) experience.

See you next dish!

The Head Spoon


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