Moleskine Passions Journals – BRILLIANT!

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Moleskine has a new collection of journals designed for documenting your passions. There are currently six available specialty journals; recipe, wellness, film, book, music, and wine.

I just bought myself the recipe journal at Barnes and Noble and I can’t wait to get started using it! It’s well laid out with room for listing ingredients, serving sizes, instructions, even drawings and commentary on who enjoyed the dish when  you first made it. The journal also has tabs for organizing your recipes by meal types (i.e. appetizers, main course, etc.). It also comes with sticky labels! Go here for  more information on the Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal. This will be a great tool for keeping track of all my new recipes and experiments! And, it will do half of the work of writing my blog entries. Once I have the basics jotted down, my blog updates will (hopefully) write themselves! Can you tell that I’m excited? This is going to be so much fun!


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