Monthly Cookbook Excursion – April: Bacontastic!

The Bacon Cookbook - James Villas

As someone who just happens to love bacon and all the various dishes you can add it to, I was instantly drawn to this book from the time I glimpsed it on the library shelves. I had always suspected that someone had created a cookbook solely dedicated to the almighty bacon. I could not resist picking up this cookbook!

This book also allowed me to fill a categorical blank I had on my blog. I don’t know if any of you noticed, but I have yet to post any entries for breakfast foods. And everyone knows (though they may not agree) that bacon makes the ultimate breakfast accompanying ingredient! Thankfully, this book has a chapter for each part of a meal and each meal of the day. I perused the ‘Breakfast and Brunch Dishes’ section and settled on Venezuelan Squash, Potato & Bacon Pancakes.

They looked like they were basically Latkes with butternut squash and bacon in them. I wasn’t particulary inclined to make anything difficult since I pretty much waited until the last minute (AGAIN) to do my Monthly Cookbook Excursion assignment.

On the plus side, I was able to use the last of my duck eggs that had been brought to me all the way from a farm in Virginia. I had previously featured them in such works as Random Breakfast for my Best Friend, The Carrot & Apple Cake Failure, and The Best Darned Jiffy Corn Bread I’ve Ever Had (seriously, duck eggs make cornbread even MORE heavenly).  I really like the rich flavor they add to food, so I was happy to give them a go in this recipe.  Here’s how they came out!

I really liked how these tasted. The saltiness of the bacon did not overpower the rest of the ingredients. Also, the sweetness of the butternut squash added a delightful dimension and lightness to the flavor and the duck egg definitely gave them a much richer taste. I didn’t fry them in the bacon drippings, as the recipe instructed, but used olive oil instead. This made them less greasy and less likely to feel like an oily,  starchy weight in my stomach. I give this recipe the thumbs up of success!

I may keep this book around for a few more days and see what other yummy things I can make with bacon. If you’re ever in your local library, keep an eye out for this one!

See you next dish!

The Head Spoon


One thought on “Monthly Cookbook Excursion – April: Bacontastic!

  1. Bacon cookbook is cute. Is he single? The butternut squash bits for breakfast sound interesting but the bacon does draw you in. Must try it sometime….for research of course.

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