Monthly Cookbook Excursion – July: A Trip Back in Time

This month, we’re taking a trip to yesteryear with a book that was sent to me from one of Mr. Spoon’s aunts. She is a reader of The Intrepid Spoon and wanted to contribute to my ever-expanding collection of recipes (yay!). The neat thing about this book is that it was written and published in the 1950s and the theme is very much centered around the typical housewife of that time. The illustrations are quaint and kitschy and recipes range from simple to complex.  Ladies and gents, I give to you Quick and Easy Meals for Two:

The recipes are organized by the season in which they would be appropriately prepared (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter). Since we are in the middle of Summer, and a deadly heat wave, I decided to pick a seasonal recipe that was simple and utilized what I already had in the house. I decided on the Broiled Fish and Cucumber Sauce since I had 5 fillets of tilapia in the freezer.

I decided to serve the fish on a bed of rice with some sweet peppers I had gotten from a coworker that I brushed with olive oil and broiled along with the fish. Overall, it was rather simple to prepare and I had a great helper with me! Mr. Spoon’s youngest brother, a.k.a. The Spoonlet, is visiting with us for a little while before he heads off to college in the Fall. He was my sous-chef for this dish, and our very first guest chef on The Intrepid Spoon! Behold our creation!

The Spoonlet and I were very pleased with ourselves. The lumps in the sauce on the fish are from the shredded cucumber. The sauce was probably supposed to be much lighter in color, but I ended up using balsamic vinegar in place of the white vinegar the recipe originally called for since I was all out of it at the time. I was very skeptical about the cucumber sauce combined with the fish.  However, in a strange way, it worked! I wouldn’t use a lot of the sauce since it’s mostly butter and, therefore, very greasy, but it adds an interesting dimension to the simplicity of the fish. The sauce really was the star of the dish; however, I wouldn’t incorporate it into my dinner repertoire. Somehow, I think I would become tired of this dish very quickly. Nonetheless, this was an excellent experiment worthy of this month’s excursion!

See you next dish!

The Head Spoon


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