Double-Ginger Coconut Custard Cake

I am still somewhat relatively new to trying different combinations of flavors. However, after a cake-related conversation surrounding a friend’s birthday, I had an undeniable itch to try some bold new flavors and cake fillings. I ended up creating a sort of patchwork cake a la Dr. Frankenstein by using four different recipes I found online; one for the cake, one for an ingredient to go into said cake, one for the frosting, and one for the filling. Friends, I give to you my Double Ginger Coconut Custard Cake!

The first part I made was the coconut custard. I used this recipe from for a coconut cream pie custard filling. However, I edited the recipe according to a suggestion by one of the reviewers listed below the recipe. I used more coconut milk than half-and-half to give the custard more coconut flavor since the original recipe only used the addition of shredded coconut for that. I also used two egg yolks instead for a richer custard.

After this, I attempted to toast some coconut flakes using the Broil setting on my oven. The first attempt failed since I left them in too long and ended up with blackened coconut crisps. The second attempt fared much better since I watched them more closely and moved them around the baking sheet at random intervals until I was satisfied that most of the flakes had been adequately toasted.

The next part I made was some candied ginger. The cake recipe, which I will link to later, called for chopped candied ginger that I did not have available. I did have fresh ginger in my freezer and I was not inclined to go out searching for a small, and most likely expensive, amount of candied ginger so I used this Alton Brown recipe to make my own. You can see my results below. Mine sort of looks like ginger brittle to me, but it was quite flavorful! I even saved the water I boiled my ginger in to make ginger beer.

Now that I had the candied ginger, I used this recipe from Epicurious for a Double-Ginger Sour Cream Bundt Cake. Instead of sour cream, I used plain Greek yogurt which is my favorite, and healthier, substitute. I also used two egg whites and one whole egg instead of 2 eggs and one yolk (I was only doing a half-recipe) since I had egg whites leftover from making the coconut custard. I had purchased special mini cake pans from Michael’s that create a little indent in each layer you bake to allow you to put your filling of choice inside before sandwiching two of them together.

This is how the cakes look when when you extract them from these pans (I made the mini cupcakes because I had leftover batter).

While waiting for the cakes to cool, I used this recipe for cream cheese frosting. I made only a half batch since the cakes were too tiny for a full one. Instead of cream cheese, I substituted a block of neufchâtel. I added in a half teaspoon of coconut extract in addition to the vanilla as well.

Here is how the assembled cake looked inside. The custard would have been firmer if the cake was taken right out of the refrigerator, but this one had been sitting in room temperature for a bit so the filling was much softer. I coated the frosting with toasted coconut and added little candied ginger ‘jewels’ that I colored with green and yellow food coloring.

The cake got rave reviews and everyone liked how the spiciness of the ginger complemented the creaminess of the coconut. I was quite happy with the finished product. Who knows what crazy flavor combinations I’ll try next!

Until next dish!

The Head Spoon


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