Oh Fudge! Happy Halloween!

Inspiration struck today after a friend mentioned the existence of a delightful confection known as Pumpkin Pie Fudge. I’ve enjoyed the chocolate and condensed milk versions, but had never heard of pumpkin being used before.

The internet provided me with several recipes. I chose this recipe despite some of the reviews outlining various difficulties encountered while making the fudge. As it turns out, I did have a little difficulty, but I also learned an important fact; it is possible to boil fudge twice even after you’ve put the butter in the mixture. The fudge was too soft the first time around and it was not going to set properly. I wondered if I could reheat the mix to get it to thicken. I don’t know if it’s the recommended method, but it worked for me!

Quite possibly the best fudge I have ever had. And the first fudge I have ever made! Hooray for success! If you’re keen on giving the recipe a try, just remember you can add a little more heat to thicken up the mix!

See you next dish!

The Head Spoon


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