Chips to Kale for

Who knew I’d be reviving my food blog after a nearly 3 year hiatus for a kale chips recipe?

Well, we’re all here so we might as well get started. Kale chips might just be my new addiction with their crunchy, crispy, salty goodness paired with the fact that I feel no guilt whatsoever in eating more than one bowl of them. What’s even better is that anyone can make them… yes, even you! Here is all you need:


That’s right, all you need is kale, olive oil, salt, and garlic powder (and a cookie sheet). That’s it! I can see you’re gradually getting optimistic about this.  You’ll need a sizable bunch of kale as it cooks down to a smaller size and these babies will be so delicious you’ll be wishing you made more anyway.

Next you set your oven temperature to 350° so it can heat up while you do the important stuff!


Take a pair of scissors (or a knife, but scissors are easier) and trim the leafy part of the kale away from the thick central vein.


You should have this when you’re done:


Now you want to wash and dry your kale thoroughly. Drying is extremely important to ensure the kale comes out crispy like chips instead of soggy. Any residual water on your kale will turn into steam and will soften the leaves and you do not want this.


THAT’s more like it! Now all you need to do is tear or cut the larger leaf pieces into smaller bite-sized pieces for optimized munching.


Throw these babies into a bowl and add about a tablespoon of olive oil and toss them well.

olive oil


Make sure you continue to toss the leaves until they are all fully coated in olive oil. This may take a bit longer than just three or four stirs with your spoon. The leaves should be well coated to protect them from the heat of the oven when they are baked. They should look like the leaf on the top below, and NOT the leaf on the bottom. Notice how the leaf on the top has a nice even sheen of oil on it. Keep tossing until they look like that!

well coated

not coated

Now it’s time to season your chips! Add some garlic powder (about a quarter to a half of a teaspoon) and salt (only about a quarter teaspoon).  I didn’t actually use all of the salt in my hand in the photo below.



Lubrication is key for baking(and you may take that statement however you wish). Pour a little olive oil onto your cookie sheet and use either a brush or a small piece of paper towel to spread it over the surface of the pan.

oil in pan oiled pan

Pour out your oiled and seasoned leaves onto your greased pan and spread them out so there’s a nice thin layer of kale across the surface.

ready to bake

Place the cookie sheet on the top rack of your oven and set your oven timer for 10 minutes. Wait patiently as your house begins to fill with the lovely aroma of baking kale and garlic. After 10 minutes your kale should look like this with lightly browned edges.

after 10 mins

Rotate your cookie sheet 90° and put it back in the oven. Set your oven timer for 2 more minutes and rotate your cookie sheet by 90° every 30 seconds until the timer runs out. This may not be a necessary step for some, but I’ve found it finishes the kale chips the most evenly in my oven since it has a hot spot in the very back . Your finished kale chips should look like this:

after 12 mins

Use a spatula to scoot your finished kale chips into a bowl. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the crunchy, delicious victory of a job well done. You deserve it!

finished product


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